telling the story

Brenda Legeral Gafford


Since starting Harvest Productions NYC, Brenda has created, written, directed, and produced quite a few stage productions. She also performs in some. She has created and written several sitcom pilots, movie scripts and TV specs. Several of the hilarious stage favorites includes "The First Lady's Last Supper" and the live showcase of "The Montels", which is a sitcom. She had her one-act play, "Wisdom of a Worn Woman", selected to be a part of the March 2017, Future is Female playwright festival. It performed at the Performing Arts Center at York College in Queens, NY. Her new family-comedy play, entitled "Who's in Your House" will hopefully go into production in 2018. 

Brenda has created and written a sitcom entitled "When Crazy Dropped by For Coffee" and is presently working with presenting it.  She also wants to revamp "The Montels" script soon. The movies scripts include the mafia drama "Minus 13", and the thriller "After the Rapture...Will You Take the Mark? "She has also written a script titled "Unthinkable". 

Harvest Productions NYC has other projects that they plan to work on from others as well. Her play, "Uncle Fletcher's Money", has performed, periodically, in LA since 02’. It is produced by Jameson Production. She has written several "specs" for one of her favorite children's show. Although, she is a playwright and screen and script writer, she once wrote commercial for an NBC affiliate. ​Brenda has known since she was four years old that she was meant to write stories, and she is so thankful to God for the opportunity to do so. She looks forward to Harvest Productions NYC expanding and offering the best quality stage, film, and television for you and your family to enjoy. She is also very thankful to God for her son, T. J., who also performs in several of her shows, is Harvest's VP, and assist with the production team.