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Minus Thirteen


Brenda originally created & wrote “Minus Thirteen” about 14 years ago, but had put it aside until recently. This Mafia based movie is a thriller that will keep you enticed, wondering what’s coming next.  This fictitious screenplay is based on the mystery of how the last car of a busy New York subway train, suddenly vanishes between two subway station stops. This particular subway car also has a small package hidden on it, containing crucial information that could ruin mob boss Scarlatto. When other mob leaders starts dropping like flies, it looks really bad for Scarlatto's fate too. This is about a 2-hour long film. Ready for production. We welcome investors and producers.


Fragments of a Nine Millimeter (Treatment)


Fragments of a Nine Millimeter"   (Treatment). As his peripheral view caught the White Cadillac easing near the rear passenger window of his car, his head suddenly jolted. The intended target had dodged the bullet, so the stunning impact of the Nine Millimeter invaded his right temple. BOOM! His sight was instantly gone.  This is based on the true story of Brenda’s real-life friend, Travis.  She  wrote the treatment and when time permits, will write the entire script. This story will move everyone and shows how Travis took this tragedy of New Year’s Eve in 2001, and turned it around. Although he has been completely blind since 01’, he now lives a nice life. He lives alone and is very independent. He also went back to college several years ago,  and is heading towards a degree. He discovered that losing your sight doesn’t mean you lose your vision. Synopsis upon request.

The Black Babushka


A babushka can be best described as a headscarf that is often worn by an older woman, particularly, of Poland descent. In the movie, “The Black Babushka”, you will meet three elderly ladies, living in Brooklyn, New York. These three have been the very best of friends for over 40 years. Meet Maria, who is Hispanic; Mildred is Black and Basia is Polish. They are all in their mid to late 70s. These three are, as they say, ‘thick as thieves’. They are very funny and feisty and love family, friends, and cooking.  These ladies have shared some of the most exciting and happy moments, as well as heartbreak and challenges, nevertheless, they have always been there for each other. Now, with that said, this next event that is about to take place in one of their lives will not only require each other’s support, but their passports too. Brenda is in the process of writing this script However, a small treatment is available upon request.




Unthinkable is a suspense thriller that exposes the true selfish nature of human beings and the disturbing lengths one would go to, to get what they want.  It is both riveting and troubling as more unsuspecting characters get caught up in the web of this deadly triangle. Brenda rewrote and created a new script. She also added characters for this film, on behalf of Femi Babatunde. Also, Colette Dennard devoted so much time to doing a great job with editing this  2-hour long film.  

After the Rapture... Will you take the mark?


Your Smart Phone will become Dumb and your ATM will be MIA. Life as we know it will cease and be in nonexistence. Will any survive the Great Tribulation or will they simply succumb to the horrid torture, and survival is by taking the Mark of the Beast!!! Hi Everyone.. I know this is a controversial subject, but that is not my intent at all. I love God and this is clearly my imagination as a creative writer. I am far from an “expert”! This is a 2-hour thriller! Synopsis available.

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