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Who's in your house

 This play says " It doesn’t matter who is in The White House, The House of Representatives, or even the Pancake House down the block, but who’s in yours, who takes up residency in your Heart... “Who’s in Your House”!!!  This play was created & written by Brenda in 2017. When Brenda was chatting with her friend Sheryl about what her next play should be... Sheryl suggested that we needed some more laughter! So, for about 2 hours, you'll laugh to tears!  Harvest will post when this play goes into production.

The first lady's last supper

Brenda created, wrote, and directed this very funny family play over 10 years ago, and it did its first two performance at CCC, East in NYC, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price's NY church. Since that time, it has performed in threatres from Manhattan, Brooklyn, to the 1400-seat Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center at York College, on behalf of New York Senator Leroy Comrie. It is a fan favorite. Although, we still may do live preformances, but Harvest is interested in turning this into a movie now . 

Uncle fletcher's money


Thanks Lou


In loving memory of Lou Myers, who passed away February 19, 2013. Lou became a close friend to Brenda. Aside from him performing in several productions of “Uncle Fletcher’s Money”, as Uncle Fletcher. He was also very supportive of “The First Lady’s Last Supper” and was the MC for its initial show at CCC, East in New York. He is dearly missed.


About the play "Uncle Fletcher's Money"


Brenda created, wrote and directed this play, quite a few years ago. After, initially, directing and performing in this play, she turned it over to her friends Sheryl and Johnnie Jameson, of Jameson Production. They have been presenting and producing this play since 2002 in the Los Angeles area.  They bought on the late, Lou Myers, who performed in several productions of this play as Uncle Fletcher. He is best remembered as Mr. Gaines from "A Different World". 


Wisdom of a worn woman


The Future is Female Playwright Festival


Wisdom of a Worn Woman" (one-act for 2017 The Future of Female Play Festival).  This short 10-minute play was written for this festival. This festival feature a variety of plays written by women, about what they see or believe for their future. Jacqueline Harvey and Sharon Hope performed in this play,