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"When Crazy Dropped by for Coffee" may not be “the best part of waking up”, as the famous Folgers folks sing, but it is definitely loaded with caffeinated characters.  Once you witness the horrendous mess that Mrs. ‘generic mixologist’, Faith Matthews cause between two parties, the battles between the Democrats and Republicans will look like child’s play in the Ball Pit at Chuck E. Cheese. Each and every episode, and the insane antics of this group, will put you on a caffeine high that you don’t want to come down from! This semi-slapstick sitcom will have your belly aching in laughter from pure, unadulterated, craziness.  The pilot episode has a ‘Punch’ that will, literally, knock you off your feet . So, are you ready to take a sip!

A Family Sitcom  *  Completed script.  Synopsis available upon request.


"The Ambiguous Law"  will introduce an entirely different perspective on how we may interpret a given situation. New York is an enormous melting pot and mixture of all. In this drama series there is an array of characters such as a bike messenger, a nurse, a psychiatrist, a semi-truck driver, firefighter, SWAT member, a waitress, Bodega owners and more. Their lives will encounter situations intertwining two or more, possibilities. The suspense will captivate the senses, interrogate the spectators’ sanity, while questioning their own morals. Nevertheless, by the time the closing credits start to scroll the screen on The Ambiguous Law,the audience may feel they are back in grade school, twirling their #2 pencil, trying to decide if the answer to their multiple-choice question is AB… or C ?

A Thrilling TV series *   Completed script. Synopsis available upon request. 


“Bedtime Story, Interrupted” takes some of the issues happening in our country today, and incorporates the innocence of how a child perceives it. Although some topics may be serious, it’s still filled with ‘laughing-out-loud’ moments. Meet best friends Cassidy and Giana, two bubbly six-year-old girls. Cassidy lives in Jamaica Estates in Queens, NY. Her mother is Black, and father is Hispanic. Giana lives in Forest Hills; her parents are Italian. In the first episode, Giana sleeps over at Cassidy’s. They’re excited as Cassidy’s mom, Naomi, starts reading a bedtimes story. However, as soon as she starts, they interrupt her. Example, when Naomi says, “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village...”, Cassidy quickly cuts in with … “Did she live in Queens Village near grandma?” Naomi replies, “no, she didn’t live in Queens Village. She lived in a village, in the forest”, but before Naomi can continue, Giana rushes in with “Ooh! So, she lived in Forrest Hills! Like me!”.  From what you've just read, it's clear to see how the girls are constantly interrupting Naomi until she is interrupted by her cell phone.  This call to Naomi will cause Cassidy to become hysterical. However, a great lesson is learned after Naomi gets to the bottom of a major misunderstanding.  By the ending of this episode, you would have witness how these little beautiful ladies are very proud of their culture and family.

Kid's Show  * Script completed. Synopsis available upon request.



"The Montels" is a sitcom based on six siblings that are extremely wealthy, very smart, yet act insane! They run their family different businesses, since their parents passed away. Created and written  years ago, Brenda showcased this sitcom pilot, live, in several theaters in Manhattan, including The Producers Club and the Mint Theater. This hilarious show was loved by its audiences! Many returning to see it several times! 

A Family Sitcom *  Script completed. Synopsis available upon request.