We work hard

the harvest team


Brenda C. LeGeral Gafford is director, creative writer, a producer and CEO of  Harvest. She also plays the character of Aunt Bell and Daffanie  in "The First Lady's Last Supper" and also in "The Montels". She is also Judge Aikman in "Who's in Your House" . She looks forward to directing upcoming projects, including sitcoms, plays and films. Along with Harvest producing too.


Ranee Gaynor- Parker and Paul H. Parker are husband and wife and has been a part of the Harvest Team for over 15 years. Paul plays the very popular character Ms. Mable and Rev. George in  "The First Lady's Last Supper" and he plays Ms. Mable and Dre in "The Montels". He is also playing the character Mr. McWeasel in Harvest new stage play "Who's in Your House". Paul is also Asst. Director for Harvest. Ranee plays the lovable role of Janice in the "The First Lady's Last Supper" and also the role of Cynthia in "Who's in Your House. Ranee also is an Asst. Producer with Harvest. This husband and wife team are awesome actors and a great blessing to Harvest Productions NYC. 


T.J. Gafford is the son of Brenda and has been a part of the Harvest team from the beginning. He plays the role of Reno in the shows "The First Lady's Last Supper" and "The Montels" He also briefly played Reno in "Uncle Fletcher's Money".  All three of those shows have a few characters that intertwine.  T.J. is also a part of the production team and VP for Harvest. He is an outstanding actor and he is also a drawing and writing comic scripts. He is presently collaborating with his best friend on several projects.